Waddington Airshow 'Blades Aerobatic Team'

As I said yesterday I visited the RAF Waddington Airshow 2010 on Saturday.

There where many fantastic flying displays throughout the day ranging from the Vulcan XH558 through the Battle of Britain Memorial flight on to the Red Arrows and many others. More on these in later blogs, today I would like to introduce you to The Blades Aerobatic display Team.

The Blades fly four, Extra 300 LPS stunt planes in their displays.
Since their debut in 2006 at the Beckhams' pre-World Cup Party, they have preformed at some of the worlds most prestiges events. The pilots all former serving members of the RAF have over 20,000 hours of military flying between them. They were also all former members of the world famous Red Arrows display team.

The Blades taking off to commence their display.

As they fly past the crowd line they clearly show the emblem of the RAF Association's Wings Appeal
The RAF Association supports the welfare of all current and former members of the RAF and their families and dependants.

The sun glinting off the wings of the display formation.

Smoke on!

Going up...

...and down.

Not forgetting round...

...and round through the Spitfire roll.

No matter which way up they flew these pilots made the display look effortless.
The precision of their flying was excellent.

Fortunately the weather for the display was good which helped to show off their manoeuvres perfectly.

The Hammerhead.

 This manoeuvre may look a little crazy and that's exactly what it is the 'Crazy'.

If you are interested in seeing the Blades display for yourself visit their display calendar on their website for more information at: Blades Aerobatic Team Events Calendar.

The Blades Aerobatic Team put on a fantastic show at this years Waddington Airshow well done everyone involved.

If you want to know more or to make a donation to the RAF Association's Wings Appeal you can visit their website at:

Come back tomorrow for more displays from the Waddington Airshow 2010.


mel cawkwell said...

fab piccies

imac said...

My mate went and he said it was great day too.

Dave said...

It was a great day, if you ever get the chance to go it is well worth it.


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