Crazy Critters, Waddington International Airshow 2010.

This weeks Camera Critters photo was taken amongst the noise and bustle of the Waddington International Airshow in Lincolnshire.

The bird flew down and landed on one of the lights at the edge of the taxi way during the middle of the air displays. He seemed completely oblivious to the crowds, noise and general commotion going on around him. It shows just what nature really thinks of our human endeavours. We as humans often think we are the centre of life on Earth, but, when we see creatures such as this bird completely ignoring us, it puts us back in our place well it certainly does to me. The world is ours to share not to dominate.

This was the fly past that this little bird chose to ignore, or maybe he didn't maybe he stopped to watch, who knows!

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Kez said...

The bird was probably wondering what was going on! :)

Dave said...

Or maybe it was saying look at me I can do better aerobatics than that.

imac said...

He's a brave little Birdie.

Hi Dave, my pic of the wild flower field was taken with my camera slightly on the slant, to make it look as if it was down hill, I wanted to show the lines of different colours running along.
Sorry if it didnt do anything for you tho as it had done for me.
Thats what I like about blogging, you get to see how other folk see things.

Dave said...

That's the joy of photography too, getting other peoples opinions. I love getting feedback on here from you and others because without it how will I improve. It is the keen eye of people like yourself giving critiques of my pictures that helps me to improve. Thanks for helping.


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