Schools Out, for ever!

Yesterday was our youngest daughters last day at primary school.

It was the end of an era. All 3 of our girls have gone through that same primary school in rural Lincolnshire.

Now Harriet is the last one to leave.

She went out in style though as she won the Miss Atkinson award for excellence in academic and all round achievement throughout this last school year.

The day was rounded off by a game of rounders (excuse the pun!)

It was staff versus the year six pupils.

Even the Head of school joined in.

There did seem to be more missing of the ball than hitting it though.

Some of the boys broke the trend though and hit it right across the field getting a full rounder in the process.

The final score was unfortunately a win for the staff ( only the second time they have won in the last 7 years).

It's been a good school and all three of our girls have done well there.

But now it's time to say, bye, bye school and on to the next chapter, of secondary school.

Well done Harriet!


Kez said...

Fourfields was good :) Congrats Harriet on the award though!

mel cawkwell said...

love these pictures, reduces me to tears :)


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