Band Annual Barbecue

The church that we go to 'The Salvation Army' in Boston, Lincolnshire, lays on an annual barbecue for the members and families of the band.

The Barbecue was held in the garden of our assistant bandmaster.

Jonathan our host dishing up the food.

It's a great chance to socialize, chat and enjoy good food and company.

The children were able to play around the garden.

The children also enjoyed playing on the swings and climbing frame in the garden.

It wasn't just the young children playing, some of the older 'children' decided they wanted a go too. You know who you are...

Excuse me guys I said it was a great chance to be happy and socialize... oh well obviously too deep in thought.

At least some were happy.

The weather was perfect for the barbecue, as you can see here with the suns rays fanning out over the roof of the house. It was great to be able to relax in the evening sunshine, surrounded by friends and family.

The children had a great time playing around the garden.

Whilst the young at heart relaxed in the evening sunshine.

  The evening was a great success, thank you Jonathan and Claire for opening up your house and garden to us all again, we had a great time.

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