Monkeying around

Monkeys have such expressionate faces I’m sure you will agree. They also get up to the craziest of antic's.
So just for a bit of fun and as part of the Camera Critters Meme I’ve put together some monkey shots that are just crying out for captions.
Picture 1…

Picture 2…

Picture 3…

I’m sure there are lots of clever people out there with amusing captions for these photo’s. Why don’t you post them in the comments section and I will publish the best on the blog later in the week alongside the photo.

N.B. please remember though it is a family blog so keep them clean.

Thanks to for the idea of doing the captions.

Headbanger Challenge 25th May 2011 – Pink

This weeks challenge is Pink, which for me was quite fortunate as our pink roses are just coming into bloom in our back garden…

pink rose-1

complete in this photograph you can see its own little bug just crawling out from inside the rose.

pink flower-1

My dad likes to try his hand at photography too and as you can see from the above picture which is his, he’s got a good eye and takes a good photo.

pink flower-1-2

There’s a profusion of pink in this photo for you to feast your eyes on, a real wow of a plant [another of my dads photos].

The photo I’ve chosen to use for my header is of the roses in our back garden some fully open and some just starting to open from bud. Let me know what you think.

Remember to drop in on the other headbangers to see their Pink themed headers, just follow their links at the top of my right hand menu bar.

Header Challenge 18th May 2011 - Green

The choice for the theme for this weeks header challenge has been chosen by me this week and I have gone with “Green”.

As challengers we have done other colours as themes in the past most recently “Red” so I thought it would give a good diverse range of photographs for peoples headers and in their posts. Please prove me right people! I’m sure you will.

Green seems to be the colour of the moment for nature all around us here at the moment. The early spring daffodils and tulips are all finished and many of the other Spring flowers in the hedgerows are coming to an end too. There seems to be a hushed anticipation in green ready for the summer flowers all to burst on to the scene.

The woods  are just beautiful shades of greens, silvers and browns waiting for the summer blooms…

gree wood path-1

The fields and river banks are rich shades of new green growth with their tall grasses and reeds…


Even the watering hole at Woburn is surround with green even if they are weeds, I don’t think this monkey cares…

monkey drinking-1

If you you look carefully you might even find a bear hiding in the green of the countryside…

black bear in greenary-1

Oh look he’s come up to say hello!

Say hello…

black bear in greenary-1-2

Don’t worry I didn’t come across a black bear roaming around the English countryside, he was in Woburn Safari Park.

I hope you are enjoying both the greens in the photos on my blog today but also the greens all around you at this time of year. If you can get out and about and enjoy the lovely rich vibrant greens that are growing all around you. Don’t just wait for the summer blooms or think oh it’s just green when is the flowers coming step back and you will see that the plant next door may be a slightly different green, together with others, creating one big tapestry of colour to enjoy.

Go take your camera out and have fun!

Header Challenge 11th May 2011–Bran’ New

This weeks challenge has been set by Lanny and is Bran’ New. Now that could mean lots of different things so I’ve had to put my thinking cap on. Then I realized that only recently I have been to two different places that I have been able to photograph Bran’ New.

The first was Woburn Safari park. Part of the park is a set aside as an Australian Walkabout complete with Wallabies and there were certainly plenty of bran new wallabies around…


Many being carried in their mums pouches…


Over in Madagascar we found the Lemurs…


and clinging to the underneath of this mum Lemur is a bran’ new baby Lemur…


It’s a little difficult to see in the photo because mum was being very protective of her new born from all us horrible human invaders. So we’d better move on and leave her alone.

The other place you may remember I visited recently with my family was Maze World here I was able to photograph mother duck and her ducklings enjoying some afternoon sun on the pond…


The photograph I’ve chosen to use for my header though is of a family of Barbary Monkeys complete with bran’ new infant. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed these bran’ new babies via the comments and then why not have a look to see what my fellow headbangers; Tom-fishing guy, Gailsman, imac. Sandy and Lanny have created for the theme Bran’ new.


Kenya is said to be a wonderful place full of exciting wildlife such as lions…




and Elephants…


well next year [2012] my eldest daughter Keziah, is set to find out.

She is going on a World Challenge educational expedition to Kenya and Tanzania.

Although supported by her school it is far from a school trip and certainly not a holiday.

As part of the expedition their aim is to help, by supporting a school building project, thus aiding it, and its community, to have better facilities for learning in.

To achieve this goal of making a difference to the peoples lives in rural Kenya, she needs to raise £2000 to fund her part of the expedition.

Please give her your support and encouragement by linking with her blog at:

Should you have links to any companies or persons who may wish to sponsor her expedition then there is a link on her blog for any donations, or indeed should you wish to make a personal donation then follow the link on her site or via the link in my right hand menu bar.

Thank you.

Headbanger Challenge 4th May 2011 - Water

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

This weeks theme has been chosen by Tom-fishing guy and he has chosen “water” as this weeks theme.

Now water can be open to lots of interpretations when it comes to photography. It could be just part of a tranquil countryside scene…

countryside scene at maze world-1

Or you can capture the reeds growing beneath the surface of the stream…

river rushes at maze world-1

Or even as the stream opens into a sheltered pool capture the fish that live in the water feeding…


Further down stream the little stream joins a bigger stream and will probably, in turn, join another until it flows on out to the sea…

stream at maze world-1

All the pictures today have been taken at Maze World part of Plantasia in Warwickshire UK. It’s home to the UK’s largest collection of permanent mazes and is well worth a visit. As you can see, apart from the mazes, there is also a beautiful nature trail through woodland and down past streams and fields. If you ever want a good day out for all the family, it’s well worth a visit and its completely disabled friendly too, including all the mazes (well except the high viewing platforms). Visit the Plantasia website for more details.

My header this week is also from Maze World, it’s the fountain in the Japanese maze.

I hope you enjoyed my watery blog please feel free to leave any comments and then flow over to my fellow headbangers to see their take on Water.


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