Exploring Macro!

Whilst visiting Madsnapper blog the other day I got talking to its author Sandra about Macro photography. I suggested she try using macro rings between the lens and camera as an alternative to an expensive dedicated macro lens.
This got me thinking, I hadn't used my own macro extension rings for quite some time and if I'm suggesting them to someone else maybe I should test the quality of the magnification and resulting images.

So armed with my Canon Rebel XTi camera I attached the macro rings between it and my Canon 35-70mm lens. First what does macro mean? It means the image projected onto your camera sensor is roughly the same size as the subject a ratio of 1:1. Using the macro rings in this session I think I have gone further and shot super macro a ratio of 2:1 or greater see what you think! 

To give you a reference point for the magnification the above picture is of a British 5p coin which is about 1.5cm diameter. 

All the shots in this sequence have been taken using the same magnification for ease of reference.

The centre of a daisy. The aperture was set at f29 to try and get maximum focus across the whole flower head. I used a desk top tripod for all of these shots and used the cameras delayed shutter to avoid any camera shake.

Just for fun I attempted to take a shot of a couple of pin heads. If you look closely the markings on the coloured pin resemble a frowning face, obviously a critic!

To round off the set here is a close-up of an everyday object see if you can recognise it.

The outcome I think is a favourable one for the macro extension rings. What do you think?


SquirrelQueen said...

Nice macros Dave, I really like the second shot of the flower.

imac said...

Nice work Dave, like the 5p coin very much.

mel cawkwell said...

cant see the frowning face lol, but I know what the mystery object is :)


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