Garfield our pet cat.

We adopted a kitten from our neighbour about a year ago because they had to move away and felt they couldn't take the kitten to their new home. Sad for them, good for us. He came with the name Garfield and we just never changed it.

When we got him he was only a few weeks old so he could fit in the palm of your hand he was so small.

He used to (and still does) love to play with an old ribbon. He would hide under the table pouncing out at it as we flicked it near him.

Sometimes he even got it! 

Now he's over a year old, he still plays with ribbons and toys, but, he also roams outside bringing 'presents' of birds and small animals home for us. When he's not doing all of that you can find him curled up asleep somewhere around the house. Here he is fast asleep on one of our breakfast stools.

I got this picture of him in our garden just as an insect landed on his nose. Can you see it?

And that is golden eyed Garfield a very content and pampered member of our family.


imac said...

Hi Garfield, er Dave.
Great captures of your kitty.

Elettra said...

great photos and great love for animals, cheers

mel cawkwell said...

love him :)

Dave said...

Thanks everyone. He is a very lovely cat and yes he is very loved too by all of the family.

Kez said...

He was so tiny!! He has grown so big now! But he is still very cute!

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