First lily in bloom

Lily in bloom.
This is the first time this plant has flowered this year.

The subtle but powerful shades of colour within the flower make it a beautiful addition to our garden.

The evening light was playing across its surface of its petals making it stand out boldly in our garden. It cried out for these photos to be taken. I hope you like them. I have tried to explore the various angles and viewpoints of the flower. In doing so I hope to have come close to doing this beautiful flower justice.

As readers of my blog may be aware I am hopeless at the names of these plants. I know its a type of lily just not what variety. 

Maybe a kind reader can tell me what the variety is. The above photo is of a neighbouring plant before it has bloomed.

It really is quite a stunning flower.


Krista said...

Wow - how gorgeous! Dave... I think you did do this lily justice. :o)

If I could tell you the type I would but I'm horribly horrible at that kind of thing. LOL

mel cawkwell said...

love lilies, its lovely

imac said...

Ha, like me Dave, I know they are lilies but their names no chance,lol.
What you have tho is a beauty of a post with wonderful flowers.


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