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The Header Challenge this week has been chosen by me and I thought I’d try something a little different. Something that could be interpreted in maybe a few different ways by the members of the headbangers team and see what surprises they have in store for us all with their headers.
The theme I’ve chosen is just one word “ Expressions”.
Now expression could mean the act of expression in art, music or literature.
It could mean the way in which you speak or express yourself.
You have a Mathematics expression or a….. and many more!
Expression as you can see has many meanings
For me expression conjures up the myriad of different looks and body gestures that indicate and express emotions. The face is a wonderful thing and so very expressive. have a look at the following photographs and try and tell me what you think from the expression on the faces in the photos one what they are doing and two what the emotion is.





Leave your ideas in the comments section just for a bit of fun. I’ll post what they were actually doing in a couple of days so remember to drop back to check. As for exactly what there emotion was at the time of their facial expression we may guess but only they can tell us for sure.
Remember to drop in on the other headbangers to see how they have expressed themselves this week. Follow the links to their blogs in my right hand menu bar.

Header Challenge 22nd June 2011 – What’s Buggin’ You

This weeks challenge has been set from across the pond by Lanny and is “What’s Buggin’ You?

She said she excepts great things from the photographers amongst us, does that mean me?

Well Lanny If I decided to list everything that was buggin’ me in the world this would be a very long and boring blog post today and probably wouldn’t contain very many photographs. Instead I’ve stolen just a bit of your theme and gone with the buggin’ bit. Garden bugs to be exact.

This afternoon I went out with macro lens attached and overturned a few logs and looked on a few leaves to see what I could find.

Under the first log I found this brightly coloured individual…

orange bug

He was scurrying around obviously anxious to be back hidden so I was happy to oblige.

Looking further around the garden there sunbathing on a leaf was a tiny little fly…

tiny fly 

No sooner had I taken this photo had he gone.

The next photo is one of his bigger brothers the Blue Bottle Fly…


If you click on the image and enlarge it you can see that its body is so shiny that I've been captured in a self portrait.

Lots of people’s first impression of bugs are eehhhhhh! but there are many who are very helpful for the gardener and farmer and when I was turned over a bit of soil to look for bugs to take photos of I found one of the gardeners best friends. The worm…


Maybe not truly a bug but certainly bug like.

 So bugs are good, yes?

My header therefore is full of bugs I hope you like them and don’t go eeeehhhhh!!!

Check out the other camera critters too just click on the button.

Canada Goose

New Blog Address

As some of you may have noticed I've got a new blog address for the blog. So what you may ask does that mean for you well first off Don't Panic! If you are a follower of the blog everything remains the same and you need to to nothing except carry on as normal. If you subscribe via email or a reader you should also find everything remains the same. If however you are experiencing difficulties then you may need to re-subscribe using the new url. The only other thing you will need to update is your bookmarks so they point to the new address.

You are probably wondering why I've done such a Mad thing. Well the main reason is people couldn't remember it. It had too many hyphens in it; which confused people when you where telling it verbally to someone:
 www.eye-of-a-camera.blogspot.com became,
www dot eye hyphen of hyphen a hyphen camera dot blogspot dot com 

...as you can see a real mouthful.

 So after much debate I have settled for a much simpler address to remember, I hope you like it (if you do tell your friends, you can do so verbally now). The new address is:  http://photoviews.blogspot.com

I hope as the new address implies we can enjoy sharing some photo views together over the next few days, weeks, months, and maybe even years. Thank you for all your continued support.

Pink Rose

Fathers Day.

Happy Fathers Day.

Being a Dad is great! I’ve got 3 wonderful girls who mean the world to me…


so every day is Fathers day for me.

This week though I got the pleasure of spending a day out with my mum and dad at Belton House in Lincolnshire. It was a great day out…

mum & dad-1

We got to take lots of photos something my dad and I both enjoy.

On the day we were there, we spotted lots of families of geese roaming around the gardens…

Belton geese-1-3

They were out on the lake in large numbers as well…

Belton geese-1

I’m not sure what the fathers role is in the goose family, but, I want to say thank you for the support, encouragement, generosity and love given so freely as I’ve grown up from my dad.

I hope that in my role as a Dad I can be, for my daughters, the kind of dad they need me to be.

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there…


As part of Brenda’s Photo Challenge, todays blog follows the theme of playing. Now what better encapsulates playing than when children get together. In this case it was three older cousins [my daughters] with my Brother – in - laws two. Esther and Harriet help with the hoops in the back garden…

Cousins playing-1

Nana tried to join in and show them how she used to do it in the good old days. [I’m going to get it for that one].

Amber & Toby @ Marsh RD-14

We were also treated to a carefully made cup of tea…

Cousins playing2

Whilst my eldest Keziah tried to escape by climbing a tree…


It’s fun to play, why not join in visit Brenda’s Photo Challenge for more details and to see the other entrants.


Thanks for playing.

Header Challenge 15th June 2011–That’s Silly!

Well you might be in for a bit of silliness this week in our header challenge as it’s Tom-fishing guy’s choice and he has gone with “That’s Silly!” So what do you want to see that's silly?

How about one of the other headbangers imac playing silly at a day out to Belton House?

imac behind bars-1

If that’s not silly enough for you how about some strange faced deer in the woods?


Or how about a cute (well maybe not so cute!) bunny rabbit?

silly bunny rabbit-1

Have I been silly enough for you this week?

For this weeks header I’ve stayed with the same silly theme of faces through cut out pictures and gone for a family of beautiful but Silly Sunflowers. I hope you’ve enjoyed being silly with me and the photos have brought a smile to your face.

Remember to see what silly delights the other headbangers have thought up for their headers this week, just follow their links at the top of my right hand menu bar.

Header Challenge 8th June 2011–Soap

This weeks challenge has been set by imac and it looks like he is trying to clean up as he has chosen Soap!

A lot of the time these days the name of the game is liquid soap so I’ve chosen to play with the soap ion the form of the bubbles it gives I hope you like my take on Soap.


I like the way the light glints off the individual bubbles when I zoomed right in close to the bowl of soapy water.


Mr duck was enjoying the soapy water too!!


Maybe a little too much a times, are you under all those soap bubbles Mr duck?


Lovely soapy heavenly bath velvet  well Mr Duck seemed to enjoy it did you?

Don’t forget to see what the other headbangers have thought up for SOAP by following their links at the top of my right hand menu bar.

Header Challenge 1st June 2011–Give me the Night

I hope you are not scared of the dark as , Gailsman has chosen the header theme for this weeks challenge and he has challenged us to, give him the Night!

Well I’ll do my best. Night photography is something I’ve been meaning to go and do for a number of months and just not got around to it. Probably something to do with having to go out again late at night, when sensible people are thinking of going to bed. But, as this was a challenge last night I did just that. Maybe the people driving past me on the road where wondering what this mad man was doing, stood in the middle of nowhere with his camera on a tripod trying to photograph moving cars in complete darkness.

Night trails-1-2

I found that as the cars coming towards me put on their full beam headlights it dazzled the photo a bit too much so I decided to concentrate on the red taillights…

Night trails-1

though as you can see from this photo if you don’t quite get the timing right you get some interesting ghost lighting effects.

Night trails-1-3

With a bit of perseverance though, I started to get better shots and have been able to use one as my header this week. Most of these photos I had to take using the camera’s BULB function so that I could manually hold the shutter open long enough.

The last one was taken with ISO100,  35mm,  f/3.5,  60.0 sec.

I wonder what the other headbangers will come up with for this weeks challenge, you can find links to their blogs at the top of my right hand menu bar.

Thanks for visiting!


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