Prom Night!

My eldest daughter Keziah had her school leavers Prom this evening.

Now Proms never used to be a big event in Britain, but they have certainly changed now.
What used to be informally called the 'Leavers Do' has now been re-branded as a 'Prom'.
The concept of the formal Prom has been borrowed from the United States and Canada were a formal black tie dance is held at the end of their schools junior and senior years.

We travelled in my car (after fully valeting it first of course) to the Prom.
Now there were many others like us in there normal family cars, but, there were also many, who had chosen less traditional transport.
Three ingenious boys had chosen to turn up on toddlers tricycles, dressed in full Dinner suits and black bow ties.
A group of girls arrived on a trailer pulled behind a shiny new tractor (perhaps one of their fathers was the farmer).
Others arrived in a mixture of stretched limousine's and horse drawn carriages. One group even turned up in a very old, vintage bus.
Maybe I should have done more research on transport to the Prom before the night!

Keziah looked stunning in the outfit she had chosen, so much so, that I had to get the compulsory photographs before we went out.
 For prosperity of course!!

The Prom had been filmed by a BBC film crew for a upcoming documentary that will follow five different schools through their end of school celebrations.
As soon as I know more details of this program I will post details for those interested.

Keziah said that it was a great evening and I'm sure the others that went enjoyed themselves too.


imac said...

You must be a very proud father Dave.

Dave said...

Certainly am imac, I have 3 wonderful daughters.

mel cawkwell said...

wow, where did that grown up young woman come from

Darla said...

very pretty. proms are a big dea here. thanks for you visit.

Sandra said...

I looked at all your stunning photography of planes in the air and then decided to keep going, i found your daughter. she is beautiful as are your photograph's of her and of the air shows. My husband flies radio control airplanes and i have tried photo's of them, found it very difficult, so i think I understand how hard it was for you to get these shots in the sky. thanks for coming by my blog.


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