Sunset over Lincolnshire, England.

The other evening I went through to the back of our house just in time to see this beautiful sunset.

The sun had already dropped below the horizon by the time I got to the bottom of the garden with my camera and tripod, and in doing so had set the sky ablaze with colour.

This is part of the reason I love where we live, the sunsets across the flat fenland's of South Lincolnshire are stunning. Being able to stand at the bottom of our garden and look out at this view makes a beautiful ending to the day.

With the light being so low I needed my tripod for all of these shots to avoid camera shake. Some of the shots had shutter speeds of 3+ seconds making hand-holding the camera without getting blurred images impossible. I've also thrown the foreground into silhouette as I feel it has enhanced the colours in the sky. 

I've tried to use various foreground interest to add depth to the scene therefore making for a more interesting photograph.


imac said...

Nice shots Dave.

Dave said...

Thanks, we are very lucky to get such wonderful skies where we live.


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