The beauty of wood.

As regular readers of my blog are aware I love to carve wood.
Wood has a magical quality to it. The texture, look and shape is different in every piece you find.

So, when I found this large round with its amazing textures and shapes I just had to get my camera and shoot off a few photos.

When you look at a piece of wood like this you wonder just what stories it could tell.

How did it form this way?

Also what can it be used for? At the moment it is decoration in the garden, but who knows what the future holds for it. 

My wife describes me as the techi and she the tree hugger but I'm sure even techi's are allowed to enjoy wood too.

Nature is such a wonderful thing that you just have to love it.

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imac said...

Wood'nt you believe it, A great post and pics Dave.

Dave said...

Thanks, imac. I'm impressed again with the speed of your comments I only just posted it up.

imac said...

The blogging break shot was a drop of water played with by levels and contrast.

Dave said...

It was lovely, its amazing what you can do with water shots.


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