Chinook Display, RAF Waddington International Airshow 2010.

The RAF operates the largest fleet of Chinook helicopters after the US Army. They are used for troop carrying and internal and external slung loads. They are capable of carrying 55 troops or ten tonnes of freight at a time. This is their main role but they are also used for search and rescue and casualty evacuation roles too.

The Chinook in this display flew in with a Land Rover and trailer slung beneath it showing just some of its role.

Once it had dropped off the Land Rover and trailer it landed quickly and deposited two more Land Rovers stored inside it.

Then as it took off it dropped off the last of its troops via abseil onto the runway.

Then back in the air it was able to show off just some of the great manoeuvrability capabilities of this wonderful helicopter.

The twin engines operating the tandem rotor blades give the Chinook its versatility in the air and allow for its large cargo capacity.

The Chinook is currently used across the World in many front line operations.


Christine's Arts said...

Hi Dave! I have to say WOW! The Air Show and the shots of this Chinook are AMAZING! Loved the curtain of flames and the smoke too. I think my favorite is the Chinook at a steep angle right after taking off. You are so lucky to have been able to witness this and record it for us. thanks.

Dave said...

Thanks Christine, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, and that means a lot from someone with a great artistic eye such as you. I try and go to the Airshow each year because it is such a great opportunity for photos (its a great day out too).


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