Header Challenge 26th January 2011 – Pipes

This weeks challenge has been set by yours truly. Knowing that it was going to be posted up the day after Burns night I was thinking Scottish but for some reason I said “pipes”.

Now I can understand my connection and I was able to get some pictures of the good old Highland pipes…


I’ve even got photo’s of a whole marching band of them…


But, knowing my fellow headbangers, Fishing guy, imac, Lanny and Gailsman that's just what they would be expecting from me.

So I decided to have a look around for some more pipes…


we therefore have radiator pipes.


The pipes of the beautiful organ in the cathedral Notre Dame in St Omer Northern France, taken last summer.

Even some copper piping travelling up the wall of our house…


All possibly good photograph’s in their own right but they still lack that extra something for the header so this week I have gone for some small pipes in fact they are straw ones.

I hope you enjoy looking around, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments section before popping over to see what my other headbangers have come up with for `Pipes`.

Header Challenge 19th January 2011 - Missing


Hi all and welcome to another Header challenge Wednesday.

Today’s choice has been chosen by Lanny and is `Missing’.

Now my first thought was just to put up a blank header and say the picture is `missing’ but I thought you might think that was a bit of a cop out.

So I’ve put my thinking cap on and come up with a few ideas and hopefully a good header.

I could use the bird feeder shot in which I missed the bird…


Or the eggs that had been `missing` all week…


we had begun to think our chickens had slowed down their egg production when we found these behind a fence panel in the garden (28 in total).

Or how about the synchro pair of the red arrows, when `missing` each other on their high speed cross-over's is vitally important.

missing-red arrow pairs

I’ve decided to stay with the Red Arrows for this weeks header, but a shot of one of their displays last year when they were `missing` one of their team due to illness. They still managed to put on a great show though. Can you spot where the missing arrow should be in the formation?

Oh well one thing more I am missing tonight is another 800 words for my University essay that is due in tomorrow, so I will leave you all for the moment. Hopefully I won’t be `missing` for too long.

Have a wonder over to the other headbangers blogs in the mean time and check what they are `missing` this week in their headers.

Header Challenge 12th January 2011 – Water


Well it’s header challenge time again (or a bit past it I’m very late posting this. sorry everybody). This weeks theme is `Water` and has been chosen by fishing guy.

Water, well there has been a lot of that including coming through the ceiling from what looks like a burst pipe so I’m afraid this is a very short post.

Here's a few pictures of some water drops for your delight, I hope you like them…

water drop-1-2

water drop-1-3

water drop-1-4

Thanks for visiting, remember to leave your comments and then drop in on the other headbanger team members to see what they have done this week.

Header Challenge 5th January 2011 – Squaring the circle


Now this weeks challenge was seemingly impossible. Well it was an adage for an impossible task anyway. Gailsman chose the theme for this week and he has gone with ‘Squaring the Circle’.

Now I thought I could try and re-create the mathematical problem that this saying derives from that of  the challenge of constructing a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straightedge.

squaring the circle-1-2

Unfortunately I am no mathematician so this is as far as I got.

So who or what else is famous for squares and circles? Well I thought of the freemasons with their square and compasses as their emblem.

squaring the circle-1

In the end I thought of just looking for squares and circles in the same photograph…

squaring the circle-1-3

This is a photo taken of the font in the Baptistery in Pisa Italy. The squares and circles to me show that this combination of squares and circles is not just the realms of mathematical scholars but everyday craftsmen and the occasional photographer too.

I hope the other members of the headbangers agree with my interpretation. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think, then drop in to see what the others have come up with this week. Follow the links at the top of the right column to see their blogs after leaving your comments of course. 

Hasppy New Year!

I wish all my readers family and friends a very Happy and prosperous New year. May 2011 bring hope, peace and happiness to you all.


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