Lincolnshire Project 23rd July 2010.

I'm returning today to my Lincolnshire Project where I have set out to photograph the same scene in Lincolnshire every two weeks throughout the year.

The tree on the left I had hoped to portray as getting greener as the seasons progressed. Unfortunately it has died and therefore grown no leaves this year.

The rest of the hedgerow and trees have a profusion of leaves of different hues but the tree on the end has unfortunately grown no leaves this year. This does spoil the effect of the series of photos, but then, it is a real rendition of nature as it grows, or doesn't in this case.

For those of you wondering where Lincolnshire is, it is a county on the east coast of England, highlighted on the map below.

Lincolnshire is a beautiful county. The south of the county where we live, is very flat. Most of the south of the county is land that was reclaimed from the sea many years ago. This means that the soil is very rich and fertile and therefore ideal for agricultural farming as you can see from the project pictures. This can mean that the fields differ in hue depending on the crop planted.
 Lincolnshire can be a very colourful place to live, follow this project with me and we will see just what colours develop in this particular view of Lincolnshire.

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color flyer printing said...

I expect the color would be different every two weeks. I’ll gonna follow your entire photo post and see what’s going to happen in your Lincolnshire project. Thanks for sharing all the pictures that was taken from your hometown.

Dave said...

Thanks, the changes over two weeks are subtle but when we see them over the year I think they are are going to be hugely different.


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