Views from South Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire, England, is full of hidden scenic opportunities. It may not have the hills or mountain ranges of other areas but it can still be a goldmine of photo opportunities.

The above shot was taken next to a field drain close to the village of Deeping St Nicholas in South Lincolnshire. I don't normally take photos with 50% sky as it often makes for a boring photo, but, I think in this instance it works. What do you think? 

You find all sorts of interesting houses when out and about too. This thatched cottage is situated in the middle of a modern housing estate. I'm sure when it was built it was probably surrounded by fields, now its surrounded by bricks and mortar. Its such a shame as it is a beautiful old house, spoiled by its modern surroundings. Maybe as a future project I will see what I can do in Photoshop to remove the modern walls and houses from the picture.

This thatched cottage is now a Inn and restaurant in the middle of our village. Again its the last remnant of a bygone era. Unlike the other cottage though this one sits next to the village green so although there are other houses near by they are aided by this cottages location rather than it being diminished by theirs.

I'll leave you today with a photograph taken by my youngest daughter, 11 year old Harriet. The roses were growing up the side of a whitewashed roundhouse in our village. She took it out of our car window using my camera. I think she has captured it beautifully. The composition is as she took it, without any post editing cropping. I think she has done a brilliant job.


Elettra said...

Very interesting the house restaurant and congratulations to Harriet for the photo on the roses was very good, even my last post on roses.

Dave said...

Thanks Elettra, I will pass on your praise to Harriet. Your photos of roses are very good. I will visit your site again soon to see some more of your work.


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