Angles on architecture!

Sometimes when you are taking pictures of buildings so that you can admire the architecture and marvel at how they have stood the test of time unchanged you can be thwarted by things such as electricity cables.

When I took this picture in Trapani in Sicily it was one of those occasions.

With the wonders of Photoshop and a little add-on called Wire-Worm I was able to get rid of the tell tale signs of modern technology. 

I know its a bit ironic that I am using modern technology to get rid of signs of modern technology from the picture but I think it does improve it.

Some times when you take pictures of architecture it is good to be unconventional.

As you can see here I have changed the angle by getting in very close to the building and shooting straight up at the sky. I think it adds something by changing the composition. What do you think?

Everywhere around Trapani the buildings and doors had intricate carvings. Many of them depicting religious symbolism as shown in the door here.

 When we visited Trapani we arrived on board a cruise ship which berthed right alongside the main road.

This enabled me to get this shot looking straight down the water front to Mount Etna in the background (far right in picture).

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imac said...

I like it - a lot.
Well done.


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