Chickens - Camera Critters.

One of the joys of moving to the countryside a few years ago, was the ability to keep chickens.
We only have a small flock of eight at the moment but its nice to watch them roam the garden and there eggs are great too!

Today's post is also a Camera Critters post.

We hatched this girl about three years ago. She's a Welsummer breed.  

Heads down there's corn in that grass girls! 

One of our newest additions Her and her four friends are Bovan Browns and are point of lays. Come on girls lets have some eggs please!

This is the only one of our original flock still with us. She is also the only one with a name, 'Trouble'. Trouble by name trouble by nature. She never goes where you want her to. Is always the last in the run at night and often gives the kids a merry chase around the garden when they try to round her up.

It's nice to sit and watch the chickens just roaming about in the garden.

If that has got you interested then check out some other animal antics over at Camera Critters Blog just click on the Camera Critters logo.
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imac said...

Cock-a-doodle of a post Dave.

Dave said...

None of that any more all are cockerels have gone just the girls roaming free.


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