Header Challenge 29th December 2010 – Betwixed or Between.


This weeks header challenge is the last one for this year 2010. imac had the choice for this weeks topic and he has gone with betwixed or between as it is the week between 2 great celebrations that of Christmas and New year.

There are lots of things that are between but choosing the right one for my header is never an easy choice.

I could have gone with a photo of the magical time between day and night as the sun sets producing stunning colours in the evening sky.


Or back to the beauty of summer looking down the river as it travels between it’s banks.

river banks-1

Keeping on the same line of thought how about the bridges that span between the sides of a river, in this case the Samuel Beckett bridge which allows Dubliners to travel between one side of the Liffey and the other.

bridge between river banks-1

In the end I’ve chosen photo taken at the Waddington Airshow. It shows the Lancaster bomber between its fighter escorts. This bond between these historic and illustrious aircraft is now known the world over.

Well 2010 is soon coming to a close (I can’t believe the next header challenge will be in 2011). I hope you have enjoyed sharing my journeys and photography with me this year. Don’t worry there will be plenty more to see in the new year.

Don’t forget to leave your comments, good or bad on everything you see, good healthy criticism is the best way to grow as a photographer, and I value all your comments and suggestions.

It just leaves me to say, remember to check in on my other header challenge friends, Tom-fishing guy, imac, Lanny and Gailsman and I wish all my readers the very best for 2011, and may the New Year bring joy and happiness (and lots of photo opportunities) to you all.

Header Challenge 22nd December 2010 – The Light.


Well Christmas is almost upon us so this is the last header challenge before Christmas. This week it has been my turn to choose the theme for us to create our header on.

I chose ‘the Light’. I thought it would give everyone a good scope to come up with something creative, it will be interesting to see what the others come up with.

My first thought was that I wanted to use candles as my light…

the light-1

but, I felt it needed a little bit more…

the light-1-3

so as it is Christmas (or very nearly) I added Jesus to the photo as he is regarded as bringing light to the world at Christmas.

Now for my header to fit it needs to be in the landscape format so I had a bit of a play adding extra candles and foliage…

the light-1-2

In the end I’ve gone for a shot taken very low to the ground to get the angle I wanted.

I hope you like it.

I wonder what my fellow headbangers have come up with this week for their headers.

Remember this Christmas to add the true light to your Christmas celebrations.

Header Challenge 15th December 2010 – Anticipation


As most of you know each Wednesday I join some friends, Tom-fishing Guy, imac, Gailsman and Lanny to create a header based on a theme chosen by a member of the group.

This weeks challenge has been set by Lanny. She has chosen anticipation for her header theme this week.

With three kids I thought getting a picture of anticipation would be easy, but, most of the family have gone down with the flu bug over the last couple of weeks. So unless you count anticipation of getting rid of the snuffles, I don’t think they were in the mood for photographs.

So I thought I would look through my back catalogue of photos to see if I had any that would fit the theme of anticipation.

How about anticipation at the start of a relay race…


Anticipation of a lovely new day…


Anticipation of childhood new discoveries…


But I felt that at this time of year the biggest anticipation is the celebration of the coming of Christ at Christmas. So this week I have chosen to take a photo of our nativity scene to show my families and hopefully thousands of others’ anticipation of the Christmas message.

Luke 2:11 "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."

Anticipate and Celebrate the real reason for Christmas this year.


Header Challenge 8th December 2010 – Snow.


This weeks challenge is that winter favourite Snow.

Now for a change we have had some snow already in South Lincolnshire. Nowhere near as much as many other parts of the UK but even the little we have had seems to have caused chaos. Schools have been closed though much to my daughters disgust not theirs. Even my university the Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln closed its campus for about a week due to the snow.

It may cause problems for many but it certainly is beautiful to look at.


though I don’t think our chickens agreed.

So what should I use as this weeks header?

I thought a first to go with footprints in the snow…


but couldn't get it to fit the full width of the header bar and I wanted something a little better.

How about…


our dog Corky in the snow but again wrong shape for the header bar.

I even looked at a photo I took of the snow as it melted from our garden table forming some very strange shapes…


but it was in the wrong format for the header bar so I chose a photograph taken from an upstairs window looking out across the fields of South Lincolnshire whilst the snow continued to fall.

Hope you like it and are enjoying the picture opportunities snow whilst it lasts.

Don’t forget to leave your comments on my blog and then check out the other snow pictures of the headbangers, just follow the links in the right hand menu bar.

Header Challenge 1st November 2010 – Wheels.

Well this weeks exciting header challenge has been chosen by Gailsman and for his choice he has gone with ‘Wheels’.

Now the first thing you may think with wheels is cars or bikes but lots of other things have wheels too.

In our house the biggest use of a wheel seems to be for the playing of Mario Karts on the Nintendo Wii…


I’m sure many of you have also used a wheel in your house (or in Pizza Hut) when you have been cutting up your pizza’s…


Some of you will even use a wheel to adjust your heating thermostats…


and if you haven’t used any of those, how about Apples pride and joy the iPod with its revolutionary wheel interface.


If you still haven't found a wheel you have used in the above selection, what about looking on your desk at that mouse you are holding I’m sure that may have a wheel on it…


you may even be sat on a chair at that desk that has these…


castor wheels.

Many objects these days have wheels but one of my favourite wheels are just for watching and that is why I have chosen for my header this week a pair of Catherine Wheels (pinwheel) taken at a firework display at a friends house.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring wheels with me this week. I wonder how many wheels you can find around your homes?

Don’t forget to leave a comment then drop in on the other headbangers to see what they have come up with for the ‘Wheels’ header challenge.

For those of you who also noticed it was Wheels by ACDC playing on my iPod here’s  your chance to listen to a great rock track.


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