Olympic Torch

 I went over to Lincoln to watch the Olympic Torch relay this afternoon because a friend of ours Zoe was running with the torch. Here she is in the top picture. It was a great afternoon lots of smiling faces and a really great atmosphere.

If you want to read more about Zoe's run with the Olympic torch, and its well worth it, head over to her blog at  http://splodzblogz.co.uk/ you won't regret it and I'm sure she'll appreciate you dropping by. 

Family Birthday Celebrations

Group family photo celebrating a 50th birthday Ann, a 21st Birthday Joy and a recent 20th Birthday Bethany so lots of reasons to party. There should have been another 50th birthday celebrated as well but unfortunately due to car trouble she couldn't make it down. We will have to see what we can do later in the year Sue!

Competition header challenge.

This weeks header is both a challenge and a competition, in that the theme is "competition" as set by gailsman. I've decided to play a little differently and actually give you a competition (no prizes I'm afraid). My header is a set of photos I have taken recently at a well known city. The "competition" is to tell me which city it is? For those of you who have been following my visit to the city on Facebook perhaps you can tell me the names of some of the buildings in the pictures instead?

Well ready ...steady... Go... and off you go...

When you finished remember to have a look to see what competitions the other competitors in the header challenge have come up with this week just follow their links in my right hand menu bar.

Header Challenge - Photograph THE WORD that's close to your heart of your hobby.

This weeks challenge was a little confusing when it was first set by imac as it was designated as - "Photograph THE WORD that's close to your heart of your hobby." So I had to ask imac for some clarification of exactly what he wanted and evidently it was to photograph a something to do with a hobby close to your heart that included the name relevant to that hobby in the photo.

Well my two main hobby's are computing and photography so which one to choose? My desk is a mess at the moment so I wasn't going to take pictures of the computer so that left photography. Now unlike Gailsman I haven't been to any fabulous camera exhibitions recently so I have had to get inventive. I'm also not a Nikon man like imac and Gailsman I am solidly in the Canon corner always have been and probably always will be. I just prefer their cameras and menu systems.

So my header this week is my Canon collection of cameras and lenses. Yes the eagle eyed of you will notice there is a non canon lens in the picture too but its part of my set up so I included it.

I wonder if the other headbangers will have chosen photography as their hobby or perhaps something completely different? Why don't you head on over to their blogs to see what they have chosen to show, just follow the links in my right hand menu bar.

Now you See it, Now you Don't! Header Challenge.

This weeks header challenge has been chosen by Kathy and I have decided to make you all think with my header challenge entry for it. She has chosen for her topic, "Now you see it, Now you don't". So I have devised a little photography spot the difference game for my header. A true now you see it now you don't scenario.  Have a look at the two photos carefully first the one on the left and then the one on the right. you should find 6 differences between the two. Happy spotting.

Another "now you see it now you don't" this week happened at my nephews birthday party. The unwrapping of the presents...

Now you see the box...

Now you don't...

Now you see the wrapping paper...

Now you don't...

Great t-shirt there little man Happy 2nd birthday!

Remember to hop on over to the other headbangers blogs to see, or maybe not see, what they have come up with for their headers this week, just follow the link on their names on my right hand menu bar. 

Leap. Header Challenge

As today is Leap day and it was my turn to choose this weeks theme for our header theme challenge this week. I have decided to go with the theme of "Leap".
Having chosen the subject however nothing leapt into the frame this week for a picture along that theme.
I did think I could have used a picture of our cat Garfield as a kitten leaping for a ribbon...

but instead I have chosen to go with a picture of my daughter leaping across a gap whilst running along a wall.

I wonder what the other headbangers have leaped to choosing this week why don't you follow their links on the right hand menu bar and find out.


I'm feeling a little "blue" this week, not the emotion fortunately but the colour. Tom has chosen for our little header challenge theme this week the colour "Blue", now yes I could have gone out and found some very glum looking people and photographed them, but, I'm not sure what type of header that would have made. I wanted something a little more happy and bright and colourful.

So with that in mind I thought back to our recent family trip to London where one of the stores we happened to visit is the M&M's World in Leicester Square.

Now this place is full of millions of m&m's for sale in every type of packaging imaginable. Other than the sweets what we also found really good was the life sized m&m's placed around the store many dressed up in various outfits. On the bottom floor was the best one though the iconic Beatles m&m, Abbey Road M&M Road zebra crossing. Striding out at the front is our proud "Blue" m&m...

as you can see the family joined in on the act.

If that's sweetened your taste buds for more photo's then why not head over to have a look at the blogs of the other headbangers to see what they have decided to post under the theme of Blue. Come back soon though.
When gailsman first came up with this weeks theme of "lets get out of here" for our header challenge I knew straight away what picture I wanted to use.

We are having a loft conversion done at the moment, well its pretty much done, but this is the moment they broke through the roof for the first time to install our first Velux window...

 a true "lets get out of here moment" though I don't know where he would have gone...

I don't think he had wings like these birds to be able to fly away in their lets get out of here moment...

Remember to fly over to the other headbangers blogs to see what they have devised for their headers this week, just follow their links in my right hand menu bar.

Snow Macro's

I decided to play a little when we had snow on Friday and took a couple of close-up shots...

Our dog Corky seems to come alive whenever there is snow in the garden, he loves it...

Although it looks as if he thinks the snow is a bit cold.

A very snowy looking Corky! 

Sunrise over snow

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise over the fresh falling snow this morning so I just had to take a photo of it...

Garden Birds. Header Challenge.

Well I've been taking a little blogging siesta while I completed my university dissertation but I've been encouraged by my family and headbanger friends to start blogging again so here I am back at the computer and back out with the camera, now that I've finished the dissertation and it is all handed in. Well the first one the course I am doing requires two so I have another one to do before I finish in the summer.

This weeks theme was therefore given to me to choose. As it was the big garden Birdwatch in the UK recently I decided what better than to go for "garden birds" it would also give me a chance to test out my new lens that I got the 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM from Sigma.

First I put some food out for the birds some apple for the blackbirds this one seems a greedy one and is taking a couple of pieces at once.

Some fat balls for the Blue tits.

Seed for the Chaffinches

Even the Robin showed up for some seed.

I was trying to get some of the birds actually in flight coming into the feeders which proved trickier than I hoped but I did get a couple of shots.

The header shows a full house on one of the feeders, they were and still are seemingly very hungry birds.

Have a look to see what the other headbangers have devised for their take on "garden birds" just follow their link in my right hand menu bar.


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