Embrace Red

As part of the Brenda Photo Challenge for this month I bring you “Red”.

Bright bold colours, as I have explained in earlier posts such as “Colour – Red, Standing out from the crowd”, can really enhance a photograph. That is why when I found that this months Brenda’s Photo Challenge theme was to be “Red” I just had to take part.

Just to confirm my decision to take part in this months challenge, as I parked my car this afternoon what should catch my eye but this door…


with its bright bold sparkling red paint.

Red can often work best when in contrast to an opposing colour on the colour wheel such as Blue.

Red is seen as a warm colour; vibrant, fiery and passionate which contrasts well with the calming effects of the blues. In this picture the blue sky accentuates the bold red of the cable car to maximum effect.


You can also use red to add an extra dimension to a photograph here I took a macro water droplet shot with a plain background…


Then to add a bit extra punch to the shot I took it again this time with a red card background…


Do you think its added anything to the shot or do you prefer the plain silver backdrop of the sink?

Finally just to confirm that red was to be the topic of todays post ,what do I end up chopping up for tea but a bright red pepper…


Red is also, for my family at least, a very wonderful memory. A memory of our cat Red…

Red - Cat-1

Yes I know, before you all shout, but she is Black and White! I know, but her name was `Red' so named after the joke, “What's black and White and Red all over?”

Red passed away last year after a very long and happy life, God Bless you, Red.

So the colour RED; fiery, vibrant and most definitely worth including in your photos. Why don’t you drop in on the others taking part in the Brenda Photo Challenge and see what they have come up with for RED, just click on the button below…

The Brenda Photo Challenge Blog

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Header Challenge 23rd February 2011 - Just Now.

Well I am officially late with this weeks header challenge set by Lanny as "Just Now".

So as I'm shooting out the door to university so I'm not late there too I will leave you with my desk Just now, a mess only brightened by my mug with its shining smiley face.

I will try to post more tonight,

Sorry everyone I'll visit your blogs and vote once I get to university. If you don't hear from me though vote on yours and miss mine out this week.


Header Challenge 16th February 2011 – `Tracks`

The theme for this weeks challenge has been kindly set by Tom -  fishing guy and is `Tracks`.

Now many of you would think, knowing that I worked on the railway for a number of years, that railway tracks would be my chosen photo subject in relation to this theme, but, no! you’d be wrong.

I’ve decided to stay well clear of the railway tracks on this occasion, and so, camera in hand I went out to see what other tracks I could find.

Well one of the first tracks I came across was from my car tyres. Here they are leaving tracks in the mud…


As you can see, Its been a bit on the wet side recently and as we live on a country lane tyre tracks in the mud are a common occurrence.

The roads near where we live are themselves just tracks really…


Welcome to the Lincolnshire countryside!

Coming back into the house, and the warmth, after the cold damp trip around the country lanes, I decided to put on some music and realised that here was even more tracks; the tracks on a music CD…


Here you go I've taken some close-up macro shots of the cd tracks for you.

The CD I chose even has `Tracks` in it’s title…


For my header though this week I have gone for one of the many farm tracks around my house, one our girls frequently use to walk our dog.

I wonder what track my fellow headbangers have travelled down for their headers this week?

Its great to see the number visiting my blog growing each week. Why don’t you say hello and introduce yourselves. Tell me what you like and why you dropped by. Maybe there is something  new you would like to see on my blog?  Or something I’ve done in the past revisited.  Whatever the reason for the visit remember to say hi and come back soon.

Thanks for dropping by.

Header Challenge 9th February 2011– `How you see Yourself`

How I see myself has been chosen for the header theme by imac this week.

Now I’m sure my fellow headbangers imac, Lanny, fishing guy and Gailsman will agree we all see ourselves in

different ways.

I see myself as being Scottish…

me and flag-1

I also see myself as a proud family man…

me and family-1

This was taken whilst visiting Pompeii in Italy whilst on a family holiday. Thanks for getting me around and over all those cobbles.

What you will find is that I also see myself as a photographer. Not an exceptional one but one who is constantly experimenting new techniques and visiting new places always with camera in hand.

me and family-1-3 

As my friends will know I’m also a bit of a techy so you will also find me surrounded by gadgets whether they be cameras, computers, phones or anything remotely technological…


So as you can see, I see myself as a Scottish family man with a penchant for photography and all things technological who loves to explore and record my journeys through my photographs and blog.

But then as you can see from my header this week this is one photographer who enjoys warping that reality too.

Let me know what you think via the comments section and then drop in on the other headbangers to see what they think of themselves, just follow the links at the top of the right hand menu bar.

Header Challenge 2nd February 2011 - Cleaning

Hello all, let me start by saying, Happy Birthday Mum! I hope you've had a great day.

This weeks header challenge has been chosen by Gailsman and he has chosen "Cleaning".

Well the first thing you have to have when cleaning is a maid to do it for you...

Well chance would be a fine thing, but, not being the minority that has numerous staff to do the cleaning for me I will just have to do it myself. First of though I will need to leave myself a note of what to do so I remember.

Well cleaning might not be the most fun thing to do but, at least we don't have to lick ourselves clean...

As Garfield our cat can be seen doing everyday...

So, "cleaning" I have decided to go with our very picturesque cat Garfield cleaning himself in the garden as my header this week. I hope you like it. Feel free to leave you comments then head over to the other headbangers to see what cleaning they have done this week. Come back soon.


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