Lincolnshire Project. 9th July 2010

In continuation of my project to take a photo of the same view of the Lincolnshire countryside every 2 weeks throughout the year here is this weeks photo.

As you can see the weather was better for this shot, adding shadow and bathing the field in evening sunlight.

The crop in the field is growing well and the hedge on the left of the frame is now in full leaf.

Follow with me as we explore the changes the seasons will make on this view across Lincolnshire.

More photos of the RAF Waddington International Airshow tomorrow.


mel cawkwell said...

I love where I live :)

Dave said...

I agree the view is quite something!

Coy said...

Beautiful scene Dave, great choice for such an interesting project. It reminds me of a scrapbook project my wife did a couple of years ago where she photographed the same scene outside our home, one shot per month. Looking at her photographs beside each other in the scrapbook was interesting to note the changes throughout the year.

Thanks so much for your kind comments at Country Captures. I love the outdoors and the wild creatures. I enjoy photographing them and sharing my passion with people such as yourself who understands the value of all things wild.

Dave said...

Thanks Coy, the view is from outside our home, from the front garden actually. I wanted to catalogue how the view changed over the year, as sometimes the more familiar the view the less you notice the differences that occur.


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