The Army Historic Aircraft Flight at the Waddington International Airshow 2010.

One of the displays at the Waddington 2010 International Airshow in Lincolnshire was provided by The Army Historic Aircraft Flight (AHAF).
The Army Historic flight, like its counterparts in the other services, is charged with maintaining the service's flying heritage.

Their aim as highlighted on their website at states

The aim is of AHAF to maintain out-of-service Army fixed and rotary wing aircraft in flying condition for publicity, posterity, the promotion of esprit de corps and recruiting purposes.

Unfortunately they were only able to bring three of their aircraft to RAF Waddington.

They were:

the Westland Scout AH Mk I - XT626

the The Alouette II - XR379

and the De Havilland Chipmunk T10 - WD325.

It was great to see the Chipmunk, as when I was in the Air Training Corps many years ago, I had the opportunity to fly one and it was great fun.


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