Views of Autumn (Fall) Header Challenge

This weeks challenge has been set by Tom-fishing guy and is all to do with the season and is, “Views of  Fall” as he described it being from across the pond, but I think we will stick to talking about “Views of Autumn” it makes me feel less like I want to fall over.

I had to take my car in to the garage today in Peterborough for a couple of minor electrical niggles to be fixed (which the Citroen garage took all day to do, thank you Citroen!) So while I was stuck in Peterborough centre, I took my camera, which I’d had the foresight to take with me, to the cathedral grounds to get some photographs for todays header.  The day was lovely, really blue skies and the trees were really shining golden in the sunshine, so it made for a good photo opportunity. I enjoyed leisurely wandering around taking pictures.




Even the ground was colourful with the fallen leaves.


My header is taken looking up through the golden branches to one of the many turrets that adorn Peterborough Cathedral.

Have a look at the wonderful autumnal colours on offer by the other headbangers, just follow their links in my right hand menu bar.

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Headbanger Challenge- Technology

This weeks challenge has been set by gailsman and is something I love, “Technology”.

As you’ve seen in previous posts, I’ve blogged about my phone the Samsung Galaxy S, its certainly for me my best piece of tech, I take it everywhere. Its got a good camera, diary,workbook, all my apps oh and of course a good phone.  I’ve also blogged about technology in the form of photo editing software in The Camera Never Lies? I’ve even blogged about the technology found in the lenses I use to shoot the photos I put up on the blog in New Canon Lens. So you see I love technology, so finding somewhere new to start from for this weeks header challenge, that was a little different was a bit tricky.

I decided in the end to show you that technology is constantly evolving although we still often cling to the old for sentimental reasons or in this case tourism.


As you can see the brand new technological Tram is right behind the old one in the photo here in Lisbon, but it seemed the old ones that were the most popular.


New technology is often advertised in very bizarre and off the wall (literally in the case of my header) settings, and it is one of these that I have chosen for my header for “Technology”. I spotted it on our way back to our cruise ship the Azura whilst we were in the port of Lisbon.

Don’t forget to use your technology and follow the links to the other headbangers blogs to see what they have come up with for this weeks theme. You can find their links in my right hand menu bar.

Why not use the comments section to tell me your best piece of technology and why you couldn’t be without it.

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Header Challenge 2nd Anniversary.

Well today is the 2nd anniversary of our little group  that post a fun header competition each week on our blogs. I haven't been a member from the start I only joined later, but I’ve been a member for well over a year now. It’s great fun choosing a picture or set of pictures to put up as a header to match the weeks chosen theme. Surprisingly this weeks theme is our anniversary.

This weeks header is brought to you courtesy of Gailsman, thank you for the duo of fluffy spiders.

So lets celebrate 2 years of headbanging and I don’t mean against a wall or the type that goes along with heavy metal music Mr spider. I mean the type that goes with our header team: imac, Tom-fishing guy, Gailsman, Lanny, and myself.

Lets celebrate with an ice sculpture from Azura and a few fireworks!!

plan c

Happy Anniversary the headbanger team.


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