Postcard from Lincolnshire–Header Challenge

This week imac chose our little header challenge and he decided that we should all show a postcard from where we live. Well as those of you who are regular readers know I live in Lincolnshire in England. Lincolnshire is renowned for its wide open flat farm land, hence the image in the header.

lincolnshire project-1-2

Another thing you will see lots of around Lincolnshire (well in Spring anyway) are Daffodils and Tulips as they are one of the biggest producers of the flowers and bulbs in Europe.


The free range poultry business is growing rapidly too both commercially and with individual families hence the chicken.

chicken trouble

So there you have my postcard from rural Lincolnshire. I could have gone in to on of the towns and told you all about that but I live 10 miles from the closest one so rural Lincolnshire seemed more appropriate.

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Weird and Wonderful Header Challenge

A few readers have been pestering me to finish off my cruise pictures so I thought as I have only one more port of call I would combine it with todays header challenge as its my choice this week and I have chosen “Weird and Wonderful”.

Now the final port of call on our P&O cruise on-board the Azura was to the port of Vigo in Spain.


Our ship towered over the port as normal…


Unfortunately it was the first day of our holiday that we awoke to rain, no soaking up the sun today!

We decided we would still go ashore for a look around the town, there was even a convenient indoor shopping centre very close to were the ship had docked which my daughters had spotted.

As we left the ship to enter the town we were met by the locals leaving…


Yes alright its a statue, but its very good and there’s another right next to him…


Vigo seems to love their statues and as we moved around the waterfront they got bigger and weirder…


This lady towers over me but it looks as if she has dived straight into the pavement, I’m not quite sure what that is all about maybe an enlightened reader could explain it to me please.


The local musicians were out and about keeping everyone entertained though, there music was lively and fun and they soon had a crowd listening despite the rain.

I was told there was another statue similar to the lady diving in to the pavement further along the seafront so I set out to find it. Unfortunately I missed it on this occasion but I did find what looked liked the old man of the sea. It looked as if he had climbed up out of the water to see what the fuss was about…


So there you have Vigo, certainly a little bit of weird but a lot of wonderful.

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