Coming back to Blogging in a Small way.

Well as most of you know, that have followed my blog in the past, it may seem that I have dropped off the planet as I haven't posted on here for just over 2 years! I still follow various blogs including those of my headbanger friends and post photos to my Facebook photo page, but I have never got back to blogging, until now that is. I keep taking photos that I want to share, but don't, so they end up just sitting on the computer hard drive wasting space. So I thought I'd start posting a few here every now and then and see how it goes. As you can see from the new header, I've been playing with macro a bit recently, so this is what this post is all about.

Below will be three photos taken very close-up, if anyone can tell me what they are of, feel free to post it in the comments section below.

Thanks and see you again soon.


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