Eggs Surprise!

We keep a few chickens in our back garden here in Lincolnshire as many of you know. Having fresh eggs daily from your own chickens is really nice and they always seem to taste better when they are your own chickens.

Well we got a bit of a surprise this lunchtime when we collected in our chickens egg from their nest boxes. They were all cracked! Nothing really unusable about that as eggs get cracked all the time. The surprise was why they had cracked.

They had all frozen solid within their shells…


So instead of hard boiled eggs we had hard frozen eggs!

It was so unusual as in all the years we have had chickens we have not seen it before. So I just had to get the camera out and take some pictures.


Poor chickens, time for extra straw and a nice warm mash!

Header Challenge 24th November 2010 – Collage

Now this weeks header challenge theme has been set by by my good friend imac. He has decided he wants us to have a go at creating a collage.

Having checked, a collage is described as being, derived from the French word for "gluing". It originally referred to the physical process of gluing a number of pictures, photos or drawings onto a flat piece of paper, in order to create an artistic composition.

Well I’m sure I can do that with the help of Photoshop. As for the glue well the computer has a cut and paste option  for placing your photos so there is the glue.

My first thought was a group of images, in this case flowers…

flower collage

Then I thought why not be a bit more adventurous…

kez collage

by turning one photo into numerous Polaroid's and then sticking them back together again.

I tried a few different ones…

esther collage

some with backgrounds and some without.

Harriet Collage

I eventually decided on a photo with all my daughters in. I then laid them out and stuck them onto a virtual desk, I hope you like it.

If you want to know how I did it, leave me a request, via my comments section and I will endeavour to write a detailed explanation on it in a future blog.

Don’t forget to check out the other members of the headbangers, imac, Tom-fishing guy, Lanny and Gailsman to see what collages they have come up with for this weeks challenge.

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Header Challenge 17th November 2010 – Childhood Antics.

Welcome to this weeks header challenge. This weeks theme was chosen by yours truly. Therefore for this weeks theme I chose `Childhood Antics`. Now I thought that would be a wide enough subject matter to produce lots of interesting headers and posts from my friends in the headbanger team, Tom-fishing guy, imac, Lanny and Gailsman.

Now being a parent I have lots of photos that could be used for this topic as you may have guessed. So for something different I haven't taken any new shots for this weeks header but dug some out of my collection,  and no I'm not just being lazy these were harder to choose than taking new ones.


We have `look at me I cute`.


`fun in a tunnel`


`Shall I jump?`


`Who needs toys when you have the box!`


I’m the king [queen] of the world!`


and the old time classic `swing time!`

I hope you enjoyed my children's antics and yes there are three different girls in the photos they just all look very similar, we call them clones. Poor kids.

I wonder what the girls will think when they see this post ?

Let me know what you think via the comments button and then have a look at what the other headbangers have come up with this week.

Header Challenge 10th November 2010 – Persimmon.


Now this weeks challenge, chosen by Lanny is just one word, ‘persimmon’. Now in Lanny’s neck of the woods persimmon trees and fruit might be easy to come by, but, over here in beautiful Lincolnshire, England its almost unheard of.

I understand that persimmon is a burnt orange type of colour much like our sunsets.

Lincolnshire Sunset

Or the colour of beautiful flowers…

persimmon coloured flower

They may be the right colour, but, as we are in Lincolnshire and don’t have access to persimmon trees they still aren't the fruit.

In Boston home to St Botoloph’s church, known locally as the stump, persimmon is seen on many signposts…

boston stump-1-2

Not advertising fruit trees but rather, a house building company, Persimmon Homes.

persimmon homes banner

They are building a new riverfront complex in Boston Lincolnshire so that is what I have chosen to use as my header.

I hope you like my take on the theme Persimmon, especially you Lanny, let me know what you think and don't forget to visit my other headbanger friends to see their take on this weeks challenge. Just follow their links at the top of my right hand column.

Headbanger Challenge 3rd November 2010 – Fall has Arrived.


This weeks headbangers challenge has been set by Tom- fishing Guy and is `Fall has Arrived`. Now over here we don’t call it the fall but stick to Autumn. So I hope you don’t mind Tom but I’ll sub head this weeks header with ‘Autumnal’.

Now autumn colours I love, all the golden yellows vibrant gold's and bronzes of the leaves. The bright red of the berries in the hedgerows, they all make for an outstanding photo opportunity.

So to try and get that great shot I headed over to a little lake in my neighbouring village to take some photos for the header challenge.


Now the lake isn’t very big but there is still an abundance of trees surrounding it.


Unfortunately as you can see from this photo I arrived a little late for some of them as they had already lost a lot of their leaves.

So it called for a bit more creativity.


Holding the camera just above the ground gave me this more exciting photo.


I used the berries and tree trunk in this shot to frame the fishing jetty and Lily pads.


It must be nice to live in this bungalow and have the beauty of the lake at the bottom of your garden.

I hope you like the little Autumn jaunt down to the lake. Do you think the different camera angles have worked? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

If this is your first visit why not stay a while have a look around then pop over to see the other entrants in this weeks header challenge. Just follow the links at the top of my right hand column.

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