Garden Sculpture.

I took this photograph at the Springfields Show gardens in Spalding, it's a wonderful sculpture.

My question today is does anyone know the sculptor. I would love to show them some credit on here for such wonderful work.
If you know, let me know via the comments section, thanks.

Black & White or Colour?

Hi, my question today is Black and white, or colour?

I think both images have their merits, but which do people prefer?

Please let me know via the comments section, thanks.

Photoshop experimenting.

Hi, I've been trying a bit of editing in Photoshop and wondered what people's thoughts were?

The first is obviously a WWII Spitfire flying away from the explosions on the runway.

This second one is the Vulcan bomber.

I'm not sure which looks better or indeed if either of them look any good?

Please let me know what your thoughts are on them via the comments section, thanks.

Pink Marigolds

Hi all, thought I'd return again to my blog and see if I can post some more.

These flowers were taken at Springfields in Spalding Lincolnshire.

I just loved the vibrancy of their colors,

I hope you do too.

Please feel free to leave your comments on these below.

Also if there is a particular type of photography or subject matter you want me to try, let me know via the comments.

Back Again!

Well I find myself back at the keyboard

posting pictures that I hope you love 💖

and in so doing, I hope they measure up to your expectations.


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