Battle of Britain Scenario, Waddington International Airshow 2010.

RAF Waddington put on a Battle of Britain Scenario display that included Spitfires, Hurricanes, ground troops, vehicles, large guns and an Messerschmitt Me109 at their 2010 International Airshow.

All around the airfield there were people taking part in the action in some form or another.

Being on the runway line I got to see the aeroplane part of the display, but, I heard reports of action happening all over the base in one of their biggest displays yet.

We were introduced via a report from the control tower that a lone Messerschmitt Me109 had been spotted approaching the airfield.

The command to scramble was given and the Spitfires and Hurricanes took to the skies.

The Me109 veers off after strafing the runway.

 The Spitfires give chase and it retreats from the battle.

A call is put out that a high level bomber has been spotted over the airfield just before the runway explodes in a ball of fire as bombs rain down.

The runway seems to be engulfed in a curtain of flames. Did any of the Spitfires refuelling on the ground make it out in time?

The flames clear, the smoke rises...

and yes we see the spitfires all made it of the ground in time.

As they climb back into the sky above the airfield another Messerschmitt Me109 is spotted over head.

Three of the Spitfires give chase and a dogfight forms overhead.

The Messerschmitt is seen off and the Spitfires are clear to return back to the airfield.

The re-enactment was a spectacular display of  World War II engineering and expertise.

Thanks to the brave exploits of our pilots and ground support staff the aerial Battle of Britain was won.

A great display I'm sure you will agree!

Come back tomorrow for more fun from RAF Waddington's International Airshow 2010.


birdy said...

Great images! Nice to see that you have started work on your blog again. Hoping we will see more and more wonderful pictures from you.

mel cawkwell said...

great commentary

Dave said...

Thanks, Yes it's good to be back birdy and this time I am planning to stick at it.


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