All the fun of the Fair.

A little while ago I bought you some of the photo's I took at the RAF Waddington Airshow.

I took my youngest daughter with me for the day and just to prove I didn't make her just sit and watch planes all day, here are some photos from the funfair.

We got there early so as you can see there were not many people at the stalls yet.

Harriet chose to go on the waltzers first. Trying to get a good photo whilst the waltzer whizzes by at great speed is great fun in itself. The colours really stand out and the blur shows the speed of the waltzer as it flashed past. 

We went back over to the fair later on in the day after the main air displays.

Its good to see smiling faces on the rides.

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imac said...

Well captured and delivered Dave.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post!, I LOVE YOUR BLOG...

Kez said...

Glad she had fun :)


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