Samsung Galaxy S

Back in June I did a post called, Mobile Phones love 'em hate 'em? At the end of it I said I was looking at changing my phone, well eventually I have.

I suggested that I was going to get the HTC Desire powered by the Android operating system.

Well since that post a new phone came on to the market powered by Android. This one called the Samsung Galaxy S.

One of the first things to test was its camera function.


Now even though this photo was taken inside with only normal room lighting and no flash the camera on the phone has coped fairly well.


The above picture tested its macro capabilities, again in artificial light with no flash it has coped fairly well albeit with considerable grain. It will be interesting to see how it copes during daytime shooting.

I will bring you a more in depth review of this phone once I have found my way around it a little more.

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