Little house on the lake. Belton House & Gardens Lincolnshire.

Belton House in Lincolnshire has extensive grounds which include two lakes. I’ve only found one so will have to ask imac of Photos from the minds eye blog to show me where the other one is. He has a good blog too well worth checking out, follow the link here:


The lake I did find has a charming little house sitting over the edge of it. I’ve framed this photo with some foreground interest to give extra depth and character to this very picturesque scene.


Looking out from the veranda of this little house are lovely views across and around the lake.


The reflections are unfortunately a little muted due to the time of day I took the photo and the overcast sky, hopefully you can still see how lovely a location it is though.


Walking around the lake from the little house you cross a footbridge that cried out to have its picture taken.


Belton House is full of surprises, every time I go there I find something new. Each season brings fresh colours and plants too so there is always something to see all year around.

Don’t forget to check out imacs blog and come back tomorrow for some more views, through the eye of a camera.


imac said...

Dave, you are doing a great job here with Belton House my friend.

This building is the old boat house renovated and its only this year that it was possible to see inside, it has a very old fire place within.

The 2nd lake is a little further up from the 1st lake and has water lilies growing there, but you cant get right around the 2nd lake and the best path to take is the left hand side.

Give us a shout and we'll

imac said...

Forgot to thank you Dave for the link to my blog, many thanks.

You know, I think you would make a great Headbanger?? care to join our team Dave?.

imac said...

Could not see your email Dave, send to me and I'll explain about the Headbangers.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Welcome to the headbangers, glad to have you aboard. I love the photos of the cottage, very neat. I see you have a CC post below and I will check it out.
Keep your head out of the clouds for this week at least. LOL


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