Botulf’s Stone founded by St Botolph- Headbanger Challenge 18-08-2010

St Botolph a renowned missionary and Saxon monk was influential in his day and was granted a tract of land on which to build a monastery.  Thus Icanho monastery and abbey were founded.


Botulf’s Stone now called Boston in Lincolnshire England was thought to have grown up around Icanho abbey which was founded by St Botolph in the 7th Century.

Building of St Botolph’s Church pictured in this weeks header was commenced in 1309 and completed apart from the tower in 1430. The tower was completed later in 1520.


St Botolph’s know locally as the Stump (no idea why) is one of the largest parish churches in the country.


The criteria for this weeks headbangers challenge is Streets in your town that share famous names, I hope the banner meets your criteria Gailsman. Botolph Street and Botolph’s town together is that famous enough?

For more exiting new banners why don’t you visit the other headbangers just follow the links at the top of the right column.


imac said...

Brill post Dave, nice one.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: Wonderful capture of your famous church.

Gailsman said...

I've certainly heard of the 'Boston Stump', but didn't realise it meant the church. The street sign certainly looks old, and made of wood as well. Very unusual.

Kez said...

I like the water colour version of the stump, it's cool :)


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