Lincolnshire Project 20th August 2010

I started this project a couple of months ago, you can see my original post here –’Lincolnshire Project’. The concept is to take a photograph in the same spot in South Lincolnshire, England, every two weeks throughout the year. My hope is by doing this we will be able to see the subtle differences that the landscape takes on as the seasons change.


I have been a little bit thwarted by the tree that frames the right hand side of the image, as it has died, thus it is not producing the lovely change of leaves that I had hoped for.

To give you a wider idea of the area surrounding this frame I have stitched together a panoramic photograph of the fields just out of the range of the photo.


I hope you will continue following this project with me and if you have any suggestions for projects or topics to cover in further issues please feel free to let me know via the comment section.

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