Lincolnshire Project 6th August 2010.


I’m returning today to my project looking at the same scene pictured every two weeks of rural Lincolnshire.

small view-1-26

The field is certainly looking greener, shame about the dead tree on the right of the frame.

For those followers who read my blog yesterday I promised a few more pictures of Belton House in Lincolnshire today.

Around the back of the house are numerous gardens one of which are the lavender gardens.

small view-1

They really were beautiful and very well tended.

small view-1-3

The rows of lavender glowed with varying shades of purple.

small view-1-2

Even the little ladybirds were enjoying the gardens.

More exciting shots from around Belton House to come.


Kez said...

The clouds looked a bit dark in the picture!! I'm sure its meant to be August, you know, warm and sunny!!!

imac said...

Nice capture Dave.
So - been in my neck of the woods then Dave, as in Belton House, yup- its a spelder to see, there is 2 lakes there,the top lake is full of water lilies.
Next time you plan to come to Belton, give me a shout and I'll come and meet you.

Dave said...

Sounds good imac, I'll let you know next time I'm going over there. It'll be good to meet up.


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