Colour – Sheep – Tranquillity at Norfolk Lavender.

 After watching the distillation of the Lavender oil that I posted about yesterday at the Norfolk Lavender centre, I wandered into the garden centre section.


These glossy planters caught my eye almost immediately a definite photo opportunity. The colours were amazing and the high gloss sheen caught the light beautifully.


The cheeky sheep were opposite keeping an eye on me as I took the photographs of the planters.

We decided after wandering amongst the flowers of the garden centre (photos for another time) we would go into the gardens and then on further to the rare breeds section.

I will leave you today with the scene that greeted us as we crossed the bridge…


Very tranquil I am sure you will agree.


Gailsman said...

A colourful selection of pics Dave. Gail and I have paid a visit a few years ago. The smell was quite wonderful.

imac said...

Baa-utiful Dave.

ruthi said...

awesome. great composition. love the photos.


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