Colour gives an edge to photos


Continuing from my post Colour – Red, Standing out from the crowd I’d like to show that it is not only man made objects that stand out from the crowd due to their vibrant colours but also nature has it’s own way of displaying itself in fiery colours.

Take this scene…


The blossom on the tree and the tulips around the base shout out look at me! Look at me!


Flowers by their nature are often brightly coloured in a bid to attract insects to help them pollinate.

It is often us humans that take second place to the wonderful displays put on my mother nature, although this clown is doing his best to contradict everything I have just said.


Vibrant colour whether it is supplied by nature or man can certainly help to make a striking and memorable photograph.

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imac said...

Strike me pink,lol, yup, certainly coulourful post Dave.

Dave said...

Glad you like it, and no Belton photo's in sight!!


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