Belton House Lincolnshire, the continuing story.

When you get around to the rear of the main house you are greeted by another stunning vista.

small view-1-4

The elegance of the walkway through the gardens, to the regal staircase leading into the house is quite stunning.

As you wander around the gardens you can see various plant pitchers on plinths.

small view-1-5

The planting in some of these, both, picturesquely and figuratively tops them off.

small view-1-6

Other planters although barren of plants for some reason, are still decorative pieces of art in their own right.

small view-1-8

Such as this one displaying a rose motif,

small view-1-7

and this one with a cheeky mask ready for an elegant masquerade ball.

Belton House has lots to offer for a day out with the family or by yourself or even in a small group. The house itself is full of historical information and artefacts and the grounds are quite simply stunning. There is even a large adventure assault course/play ground for the kids, or young at heart they don’t post an age limit. You can go back again and again and find something new each time.

I’ll explore more of our time at Belton in future posts, come back and visit and if you live close enough why not take a trip to see it for yourself


Kez said...

The playground is quite fun :) Nice pictures.

imac said...

You've captured Belton House and its grounds wonderful Dave, even makes me want to go back again.

Sounds good to me to for a meet.


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