Dahlia’s at Belton House Lincolnshire

After the calming trip to the lake at Belton, when you come back through the gardens towards the tropical house you are met by a wonderful display of fiery Dahlia’s.


The Dahlia’s have such a vibrant colour it is defiantly a Wow factor when you are greeted by not one or two but a whole bed of them.


These beautiful flowers are even lovely before the flower opens.


These Dahlia’s I believe are called Bishop of Llandaff and have had the  Award of Garden Merit (AGM) bestowed upon them by the Royal Horticultural Society.


They certainly deserve it as they are quite outstanding.


imac said...

Now, they are wonderful Dave.
I missed them.

Dave said...

Shame you missed them because they were spectacular. The photo's don't really do them justice.


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