Dirt – The Brenda Photo challenge

The challenge this time around is to create a blog with the theme of dirt!

What an expiring topic you say! Well that's exactly what I thought until I remembered the archaeological dig we did as a family a few months ago. So I hope you will excuse me for not using purposely taken shots but the theme just works with these ones.

As a family we joined a close friend of ours, who is also a qualified archaeologist on a dig at his home in Lincolnshire England. As you can see there was plenty of dirt involved in the dig, and a lot of hard work too.


Bend those knees! Put your back into it! Looks like slave labour but she did volunteer to have a go with the pick.


What's that stop already have you found something? No? False alarm!


As we dug we were instructed by Ray to keep the trench a meter square so that correct recordings of finds could be catalogued according to area they were found in.  Ray our archaeologist kept us amateurs in line and supplied us with mountains of information on the techniques and art of archaeology and specifically the history of the area we were digging in.

We had hoped to find Roman remains as the area was thought to have been the site of an old Roman villa. Unfortunately this was not to be and very little was found on this particular dig. I suppose better luck next time. We still had a great day out and learnt a lot about the history of the area and the art of archaeology.

You never know one day we may uncover a find such as this one.


But then we don’t have much like Pompeii around here in Lincolnshire.

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Out on the prairie said...

At least you had a big tool. I have worked on qute a few,one looking at camels ,rhinos and horses inthe central US,

Donna said...

Hello Dave! Welcome!
You did Great on the photos! Doesn't matter When they were taken. We are very informal... What a wonderful Dig! I would have Love being an archaeologist...Well done!

Sheri said...

Great pictures. It would have been nice have found something exciting but it looks like you had a great time with the family and that's about as good as it gets!

Brenda said...

How neat to be able to go on a real dig with a real archaeologist! Perfect dirt photos!! Sad that you didn't find any relics but maybe next time?

Anonymous said...

Archeology is a great way of playing in the dirt. :) Great shots.

Jeanette said...

Welcome to the Brenda Photo Challenge! Any photos in the theme will do, whenever they were taken! You did a great job!

imac said...

Very neat Dave, most interesting too.
Did you know that Belton House had a dig too?

Prob be going there tomorrow Sunday Dave - if you interested??

Kels said...

Digging in the dirt is always fun! And when you find something really cool, well that's a bonus!!

Dave said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, it was a great day out for all the family.

SquirrelQueen said...

Dirt is dirt, it doesn't matter if it was planned for the challenge or not. It would be exciting to do such a dig with the possibility of finding artifacts.


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