Colour – The subtleties of colour in nature.


For those of you who have been following my mini series of posts on colour (those who may have missed it can see the first post here: colour-red-standing-out-from-crowd) I have been exploring the vibrancy of colour and how it can help a photograph to stand out from the crowd. Well today I’d like to bring you some examples of the more subtle hues found in nature, that if photographed correctly can still stand out just as well as there more vibrant cousins.

subtle colour-1-2

By keeping the background out of focus it gives all the emphasis to the flower and its subtle shades then become its virtue. Using natural light and taking care of your composition will also help to enhance your photos.

subtle colour-1

So although bright bold colours can mean striking pictures, photographs of objects with more subtle hues, with a little thought, can also make outstanding pictures.

Go on give colour a go!


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This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dave: I do like the duck choice but how I wish you had the whole tiger reflection. The little girl is so cute with the dog. A lot of great shots.


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