Interesting close-ups

I was out in the garden taking some close-ups of some of the bugs on the flowers such as this one.

macro fly

As normal though it wasn’t long before my camera started to wander onto other subjects such as this unopened rose bud.

macro rose bud

As I was leaning in to take a photo of the seeds inside our bird feeder, who should pop his nose in front of the camera, but our Irish setter Corky. Hence this strange photograph.

macro-dogs nose

I did manage to get him moved out of the way, after a quick bit of affection of course, and managed to get a shot of the seeds.


As you can see you can go out with all the good intention of capturing a certain type of photo and end up with some shots completely different but hopefully still worth the effort.


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imac said...

Nice work Dave, its amazing when it all falls into place.

Kez said...

I like the pictures of the seeds! And lol at corky, he is such a silly dog :D

Janie said...

A lot of the fun of photography is in the unexpected photo.
Fun one of the dog's nose. I love that first fly shot, too.


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