Colour enhances the photo's story.

Yesterday I spoke about how the use of black and white imagery can help to tell the story of the photo.
Well today I can show you that their counter 'colour images' can also help to enhance the story.

The bright primary colours in these pictures help to enhance the play element of these child portraits.

I came across these pictures in my old portfolio folder. They were take a number of years ago when I was commissioned to take the annual photo's for a nursery school in London. I took formal shots of all the children but also these candid photos. Looking back it is the candid shots that stand out and tell a story. I will look to share more with you in the future.

I've had to scan these images in as they are old prints so please excuse their quality.
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Kez said...

They are quite cute little kids :) I like the one with the little girl and the rocking horse.


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