The beauty of gnarled wood.

As regular visitors may be aware I love wood. I don’t know why maybe it’s the texture, or the feel of it or just the organic shapes that it forms or maybe all of these things. Wood is such a versatile material I can’t help but admire it.

When I came across this gnarled old tree…


with its limbs all askew I just had to take a picture.

It’s sometimes sad to see tree stumps like this one when you know that the tree itself is long gone. I wonder how long the tree had stood there what things had gone on around it and what it had been used for after it had been felled.


The wood has probably gone on to be shaped into furniture or sculptured into works of art or even used to heat a home and it’s good to see that responsible land owners are now planting 2 to 3 new trees for every one they chop down.

As this tree stump has started to rot away the inside has sprouted new plants and when I zoomed in with my camera and took a closer shot it almost looked as if it was a cliff with trees growing at the bottom.


Ok maybe I’m being fanciful in seeing that or just got an active imagination but it still makes a good picture.

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1 comment:

imac said...

I love taking trees like this Dave, and my guess its Belton?lol


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