Camera Critters – Hedwig and friends

Today is my 100th post. When I started this back in March 2009, I wasn't sure what I wanted from blogging. Whether I wanted just a platform to display my photography, somewhere to tell others what I have learnt over the years and might be helpful for them or just something to pass the time because lots of others were doing it.
What I've found is a thriving community of individuals all bringing a little bit of themselves through their posts for others to share. I have recently been indoctrinated into the headbangers group, you can link to them on the side panel, and visit my post here for more information on this, thanks again for the invite. Thank you for all of you who regularly visit and comment it is very much appreciated and valued. If there is something you want to see more of or even something new or even something changed please feel free to let me know. I've learnt that I am not doing this just for me but for you too. Remember if you like what you see spread the word and we can enjoy blogging together.

One of the groups I've joined is Camera Critters a great opportunity to display images of the wonderful critters we see everyday. Today's blog is therefore a camera Critters post I hope you enjoy it.

Camera Critters
I don’t very often get the opportunity to photograph owls and birds of prey but when I do I love it. I know many of my readers enjoy owls too so for your pleasure (and mine) I bring you another selection for Camera Critters.
The Snowy Owl, used by J.K. Rowling as Hedwig in the Harry Potter series is a large bird. It can measure 53-65 cm (20-26 inches) long with a 125-150 cm (50-60 in) wingspan.
The Tawny Owl on the other hand is a much smaller owl being classed as a mid range in size.  It measures 37–43 cm (14.5–17 in) in length, with an 81–96 cm (32–38 in) wingspan.
The Kestrel is a beautiful bird of prey of the falcon family. It  measures 32–39 cm (13–15 in) from head to tail, with a wingspan of 65–82 cm (26–32 in).
Finally for today the….
I’m sorry to say I’m not sure what this bird is. I am sure there are knowledgeable people out there who may know the name of this bird. If you do may you please let me know via the comment section. If perhaps you don’t know personally but may know someone who does can you please point them in the direction of this blog as I would really love to put a name to this wonderful creature.

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Greyscale Territory said...

Awesome shots! Love the owls and kestrel, but that last shot depicting a huge wing span is simply stunning!

Eds said...

Yes I agree, I love the last photo!

imac said...

Great photos Dave, There are Owls on show at the Denton Street Market too.

I didnt make Belton today as I feel rough and full of cold, sneezing,coughing and sputtering, DW says I have man

Crystal said...

Great photo's and congrats on ur 100th post!!

SquirrelQueen said...

Congrats on your 100th post.

I love seeing photos of owl and hawks and these are great. I'm not sure what the last one is but he gave you a great pose.

imac said...

Congrats on your 100th post Dave.


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