Tranquillity on the river.

While I was out and about the other day I stopped at Surfleet reservoir in South Lincolnshire, England, to take a few pictures.

The tranquillity of the scene gave rise to this first shot.

The sky is a bit washed out because it was mid afternoon so I'll have to try and get back there either early morning or late evening to try and get a softer light.

This little jetty with its deck chair and boat tied up close by is at the bottom of someone's garden. What a great place to live and sit out .

Just a bit further up the river where these two boats tied up.

Their rustic charm, set against the moorings cried out for me to take this shot.

Hope you like this tranquil escapade down the river.

See you tomorrow.


Gail P said...

lovely. thanks for sharing these tranquil images.

Dave said...

You're welcome. It was a really good day out! Glad you liked them.


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