Happy Birthday Keziah!

It is my daughters birthday today and she has reached the grand old age of 15.

How those years have flown by. It doesn't seem long since she looked like this...

Now she is all grown up...

It was her choice to have her photo taken in a similar pose to her earlier one, including stick!

She had a few friends around at the weekend to celebrate her birthday which included a sleepover and compulsory play on the trampoline.

They may say they are grown up but they still like to play on the trampoline! I admit in this photo they weren't doing much bouncing, more chatting, but they had been.

She chose her own cake, with decoration based on the poem by Edward Lear;

 So Happy 15th Birthday Keziah.

I hope you have had a great day!

1 comment:

imac said...

Fond memories Dave, wonderful pics.


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