Abstract Art - Reflections.

I was sat on my computer, which is conveniently next to my drum kit, trying to decide what to talk about. I had a number of ideas, but then I glanced at the reflection on the base drum these were all scrapped.

The question posed itself. How can I take a good photo of a reflection in a non-traditional mirrored surface such as the kick drum?

Grabbing my camera (which was sat next to me on the desk) and my tripod I set about experimenting.
First I tried just letting the camera choose the settings!

As you can see my first attempts did not turn out very well. There is a film to the reflection and it has a lack of depth.

Next I manually changed the aperture on my camera to give the deepest depth of field possible thus keeping the whole of the reflection sharp. I also added a polarising filter to the lens to get rid of the film of white light on the reflection surface.
The example below shows the changes the effect of these alterations made.

Looking around the room for other abstract reflections I came across this bottle of coke.
The contours of the bottle create a fish-eye style reflection of the room including me taking the photo. The polarising filter has not fully rid the picture of the film of light but it has helped.

Going back to the computer I found the monitor had switched itself off into sleep mode. This produced another interesting reflection.
I've blurred the frame of the monitor in the shot, instead focusing on the reflection only, to create this dark self portrait.

It was an interesting experiment and something I will have to practice more of to get it just right, but worth the experimentation.

Have a go yourself and drop me a message or leave a comment to say if you tried it and how they turned out. I may even post some of your photos on a later blog.

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