Blue doesn't have to mean sad!

Why is that the best flowers are in someone else's garden, well in my case they usually are.

When I was visiting my brother-in-law and his family near Lincoln, England, I couldn't help but stop and take a few pictures in his garden.

The subtle purple colour of these flowers, with the sun shining through the petals really showed the wonder of nature.

The blue of these Delphiniums (I think that's what they are) were so vibrant I had to take a few shots.

While I was leaning in to get a good shot, I noticed a little visitor also enjoying the flowers.

It was one of our friendly neighbourhood bees. He flitted from flower to flower only stopping for an instant before going on to the next bloom.

His touch seemed so light on each flower that the petals hardly moved. When I zoomed in on him you can see the intricacy of his wings.

 A true wonder of nature.

Taking pictures of the world around me always fascinates and inspires me. Just by looking at these few flowers and the insects that populate them I understand why I take the pictures I do. Not just for the technical challenge of producing a good picture but the sheer enjoyment of catching an image that shouts out Wow!
One day you never know I might succeed!

 Perhaps someone reading this who is more knowledgeable on flower identification than I am can tell me exactly what the flowers in today's post are please?


Mel said...

love the colours

shooting star said...

im liking the composition of the white flowers in the last pic


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