School Sports Day!

 It was my youngest daughters last school sports day at her primary school this week.

So camera in hand I set off to record the moment for prosperity. Who am I kidding it was a great excuse for an afternoon out with my camera too.

The children compete for their house teams of Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. There was no individual events it was all how many could each team do of a event before the time was up. 

They were all lined up across the field from the parents. A little bit too far in the opinion of some of the parents, as only those with a good zoom lens were able to get any sort of close up shot of the action. Fortunately I had my 300mm lens on that day. All age groups from reception at age 4 up to year six children aged 11 took part in each house team.

Some of the activities were your usual relay races as in the first picture others such as the egg and spoon race pictured here provided lots of entertainment as more eggs were dropped and kicked along the ground than carried successfully along the course.

The sack race proved interesting as two of the sacks conveniently developed holes in the bottom and the children were able to put their feet through. A distinct advantage I think!

Obviously hockey is not high on the schools agenda as the expertise used to dribble the ball around the course was far from conventional. They were having great fun though.

The children's throwing skills were very good indeed. From the youngest dot of a child up to the towering year 6's they were able to get the bean bags in the nets on most occasions.

Ready! Steady! GO!

The day was a hot one so the school had made sure there was plenty of drinks available for the children, so they didn't dehydrate. The parents had to bring their own.

It was a great afternoon, the children seemed to really enjoy themselves!

The Green team won the group cup which my daughter was very happy with as it was her house team.


imac said...

Interesting day out then Dave.
Nice shots too.

mel cawkwell said...

brilliant pics, love the action shots

Dave said...

Thanks, it was a great day out!

Gail P said...

You really captured the day; great collection of memories and the action shots are marvelous!

Dave said...

Thanks Gail. My daughter is happy with the shots too, so yes it will be good memories for her.


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